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This begins a character offshoot series of ALASKA FALL, best read AFTER Alaska Fall 1.

For Don and Samantha Anderson and crew, the first winter in Michigan after the EMPs is full of trouble and tough decisions, making their already difficult reality even more challenging to endure.

Don finds himself still struggling with nightmares of what he and his group did to defend themselves in the past. Their search radius for food and supplies continues to grow, eventually leading them to the abandoned town of Frankenmuth, Michigan.

What they find there, is not at all what they expected!

Follow their emotional travels as they make new friends and experience some of the most crazy and horrifying threats imaginable!

Kyle Hunter worries about protecting Kate’s farm and the critical role each person will play in its defense after bugging out there.

Everyone is excited about learning new skills and begin discussing other types of training like first aid and long-distance shooting in case trouble finds them there.

They soon make a name for themselves with new friends and enemies in their new location. Just when they think they’re safe, trouble finds them again, but not in any way they expect.

Look who’s back. (On the cover)

Bestselling author Stephen Mezzomo will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end of this one. Don’t miss out on the excitement- grab a copy today!

As David Saylor’s The New Republic Of Texas 2 opens, planet Earth has just suffered a massively destructive CME event unlike anything ever recorded. Everything electronic, unless specially protected, had been completely destroyed.

Leon Tusk, tech magnate and the richest man in the world, had anticipated the impending CME and its impact on the world. He’d told the president and the military about it and created new technology to ensure most of the conveniences people had taken for granted, like communication, transportation, running water, and electricity, would survive—even if for only a fragment of Earth’s population, centered in Texas.

James Hunley’s job as lieutenant general in command of the entire Army of the newly-formed country, the New Republic of Texas, was to protect it all until they could rebuild.

The problem was, the government didn’t tell the people…

As always from Saylor, there is no foul language or sex in this story.

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