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As David Saylor’s The New Republic Of Texas 2 opens, planet Earth has just suffered a massively destructive CME event unlike anything ever recorded. Everything electronic, unless specially protected, had been completely destroyed.

Leon Tusk, tech magnate and the richest man in the world, had anticipated the impending CME and its impact on the world. He’d told the president and the military about it and created new technology to ensure most of the conveniences people had taken for granted, like communication, transportation, running water, and electricity, would survive—even if for only a fragment of Earth’s population, centered in Texas.

James Hunley’s job as lieutenant general in command of the entire Army of the newly-formed country, the New Republic of Texas, was to protect it all until they could rebuild.

The problem was, the government didn’t tell the people…

As always from Saylor, there is no foul language or sex in this story.

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Kyle and Lisa Hunter are living the American dream in their lavish golf course community called Castle Hills. They have it all—a beautiful family, loyal friends, and a luxurious lifestyle. Their daughters are the envy of the community with their blonde hair and stunning looks. Kyle and his best friend, Brett, are die-hard preppers, ready for anything that comes their way.

But their perfect life takes a turn for the worse when a catastrophic EMP attack hits the country, plunging society into darkness and chaos. None of Kyle's family are home when the attack occurs, leaving him to face the daunting task of navigating the post-apocalyptic world and reuniting with them.

As society crumbles, the Home Owners Association (HOA) faces its own set of challenges. Led by the ruthless Tiffany Robertson, the HOA sees Kyle's possessions as the answer to all their problems. But as tensions rise, the community begins to unravel, and Kyle and his family find themselves in the cross-hairs of their once-friendly neighbors.

In this outstanding tale of survival and betrayal, Kyle and Lisa must fight against all odds to protect their family and way of life. Will they be able to overcome the challenges and emerge victorious, or will they fall victim to the post-apocalyptic world… and the HOA?

Buckle up for a wild ride with GEORGIA FALL—a thrilling mash-up of disaster fiction and crime thriller that'll keep you on the edge of your seat!

When the U.S. gets hit by a massive EMP attack, the Butterfield family is faced with a tough decision—stay put and protect their neighborhood or risk it all to rescue their daughter from where she goes to college, in Vancouver, Canada.

In the Graceland Circle subdivision just outside Atlanta, things go from bad to worse as chaos reigns supreme. But retired Marine Sergeant Major Charlie Butterfield steps up to the plate and brings some much-needed order to the chaos. Joined by his son, Billy, and Billy's best bud, Jackie, the trio sets off on a perilous road trip to find Charlie's daughter.

Meanwhile, back in the subdivision, Charlie's wife, Sabrina, and a girl named Tala do their best to keep the community safe from harm. But they're up against more than just the post-apocalyptic landscape; there's also a serial killer lurking in the shadows, looking for their next victim.

Full of unforgettable characters, heart-stopping action, and plenty of twists and turns, Georgia Fall is a must-read for anyone who loves a good thriller. So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today and get ready for a wild ride!